"From this day to the ending of the World, ... we in it shall be remembered ... we band of brothers."
Henry V by William Shakespeare
This was a series on the True Man
Podcast. It is archived here.

They saved the world from tyranny. Now the
greatest generation tells us how to be
successful leaders to save the world again.

Major Richard Winters, U.S. Army (retired) –
who died in 2011 – was the face of the “Band
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st
Airborne Division, United States Army. They
were an elite unit of men who fought in some
of the most crucial European battles of World
War II. In
Leadership from the Biggest
, Ed Blonski captures the essence of
Winters’ leadership that was critical to the
success of Easy Company. Ed Blonski
applies these leadership principles so that
you can be successful today in anything you

Starting with Major Dick Winters'
at the Point of a Bayonet
, Ed Blonski tells the
story of the successful leadership of Jesus
Christ in addition to telling some of the stories
of Easy Company and others' World War II
experiences, including his grandfather who
fought in Normandy (D-Day) and Bastogne
(Battle of the Bulge) and his uncle who died
at the Battle of Iwo Jima.
Leadership from the
Biggest Brother
Leadership at the Point of a Bayonet
Ten Principles for Success

by Major Dick Winters Easy Company, 506th
PIR, 101st Airborne Div. “The Band of Brothers”

These are also the basis of a series of True Man
Podcasts. Click on each principal to hear the


* Strive to be a leader of character,
competence, and courage.

* Lead from the front.  Say, “Follow me!” and
then lead the way.

* Stay in top physical shape, physical stamina
is the root of mental toughness.

* Develop your team.  If you know your people,
are fair in setting realistic goals and
expectations, and lead by example, you will
develop teamwork.

* Delegate responsibility to your subordinates
and let them do their jobs.  You can’t do a good
job if you don’t have a chance to use your
imagination and creativity.

* Anticipate problems and prepare to overcome
obstacles.  Don’t wait until you get to the top
of the ridge and then make up your mind.

* Remain humble.  Don’t worry about who
receives the credit.  Never let power or
authority go to your head.

* Take a moment of self-reflection.  Look at
yourself in the mirror every night and ask
yourself if you did your best.
* True satisfaction comes from getting the job
done.  They key to a successful leader is to
earn respect not because of rank or position,
but because you are a leader of character.

* Hang Tough! Never, ever, give up.

From Beyond Band of Brothers, The War Memoirs of Major Dick
Winters, by Dick Winters and Col. Cole C. Kingseed. New York:
Berkley Publishing Group, 2006. page 293.