I started True Men Ministries in January of 2004 after reading two books – The Man in the
Mirror by Patrick Morley and Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. At that point I had been a
pastor for nine years, having served in two parishes. The first in rural Michigan and the
second in small-town Wisconsin. I was fulfilling my dream and calling as a preaching-and-
teaching pastor.

As a pastor, I have a passion for reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also
have a passion for strengthening the faithful with the same Gospel of Jesus Christ. Closely
related to these passions is to train others to reach the lost and strengthen the faithful
with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After reading the two books I mentioned above, I believe the Holy Spirit sparked in me a
passion to help men and their families see their place in God’s creative and redemptive

I believe that the Church can be tremendous blessed especially by men re-engaging in
God’s purpose for their lives – as leaders in the Church as Godly men, as leaders in their
marriages as Godly husbands, and as leaders in their families as Godly fathers.

Recently I was asked, “What about women?”


True Men Ministries is not a “men’s club.” Believing that the ideal situation is that men are
called to be leaders in their homes first and foremost, we try to help men see this and
equip men to do this.

But the reality in this world is that the ideal doesn’t always happen. Divorce has touched
my life (my parents divorced when I was 22). I have friends who, while they have strong
marriages, have felt the heartache of not being able to conceive a child. I have friends who
have suffered the death of a husband and some friends who are raising children as a
single mom.

What about the situations where women are widowed or circumstances have led them to
be single mothers?

The vision of True Men Ministries has grown over the last twelve years but the mission
hasn’t really changed. What has changed is that I understand that the never-changing
Gospel changes all people’s lives.

The vision of True Men Ministries is to “help men and their families fulfill God's dream for
them.” The tools and concepts of changing men’s lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
also apply to women.

My passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ extends to all people, not just to men.

While True Men Ministries' primary focus is on men, it is not exclusive. My wife, Nancy, is a
vital part of True Men Ministries and is our leader in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
with women and helping them grow and fulfill God’s dream for them.

True Men Ministries reaches out to all people to bring to them the powerful and life-
changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information, please check out more of the True
Men Ministries website.
What About the Women?